23rd - 26th June 2011

Key Components

Pre-Forum Media Conference

On the eve of the Tunis Exchange Forum (Thursday, 23rd June), journalists , editors and broadcasters are invited to join a media conference being organised by leading media institutions. The European Broadcasting Union and COPEAM Audiovisual Network will co-host the workshop ‘Towards a roadmap of broadcast media transition in Tunisia’, while the European Union External Action Service will host a media outreach and networking activity with local media, in association with the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and the Anna Lindh Foundation.

Debate Workshops

The Tunis Forum’s debate workshops, which run simultaneously during Friday 24th June and Saturday 25th June, are dedicated to promoting discussion and formulating recommendations for future action on the key topics of: ‘Creativity for Change: Culture and Artistic Expression’(Artistic Practices and Awareness, and New Cultural Spaces for Expression); ‘Spreading Ideas: Global and Social Media for Social Expression (The Role of Global and Social Media in promoting Dialogue and Citizenship, and the Challenges of using New Media and Social Media as Information Tools); ‘Spaces for Participation: Civil Society Development, Dialogue and Tools for Citizenship’ (Strengthening Democratic Values, Empowering People, and Contributing to Social Cohesion in Pluralistic Societies).

Best Practices and Project Ideas

Taking place on the afternoon of Friday 24th and Saturday 25th, this component is an opportunity for civil society groups, social movements and participants at the Tunis Exchange Forum to discover leading good practice in the fields of ‘arts and civil society’, ‘media and youth’, ‘democratization, transition and elections’ and ‘empowering citizens’. Through a series of individual presentations, project results will be shared and an insight to obstacles faced by field practitioners shared. The ‘Project Ideas’ will be food for thought in developing new initiatives as well as an opportunity to identify partnerships for future activities.

Resources for Action

The ‘Resources for Action’s space, which is taking place on the morning of Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th, aims at providing participations with information on resources, tools and methodologies to address issues related to democracy, citizenship and civil rights through an intercultural approach. Key topics addressed include: ‘Nonviolence and civil society’; ‘New Prospects for Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation’; ‘Opportunities and Skills for Youth Debate and Advocacy’; ‘Political Institutions and Transition’; ‘Human Rights and Civil Society’; ‘Cities, Governance and Diversity in Transition’. See Appendix III.

Bees Factory Exchange Space

The ‘Bees Factory’ is an informal exchange space where participants will have the opportunity to discuss their ideas and projects in the atmosphere of a café environment. Printed materials and resources will be displayed by participants of the Tunis Exchange Forum.

Online Platform

The interactive platform www.tunisforum.org provides access to the information, good practice and discussion generated through the Exchange Forum and related social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter). Through live web broadcasting, civil society groups across the region can follow the main debates of the Forum.