23rd - 26th June 2011

Late Night Confession

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Here we are, just few hours before starting the Anna Lindh Foundation’s Tunis Exchange Forum and I wanted to take the time to bubble out some of my thoughts on this initiative as a young Tunisian.

In few hours, around 150 different resourceful people, carefully selected from the Euro-Med countries will be arriving to Tunisia; the country, that was the first to answer the question long asked: would the MENA region get to put an end to the freedom violations and the dictators’ sick drama?

This is my first participation to an event organized the ALF and I’m so excited about the vast chances of learning and networking. This gathering fostering the culture of dialogue for positive change is so convenient for young people like me facing a huge task of building a new country of tolerance, mutual respect and dialogue.

Being mostly active online, I just can’t wait to hear the stories around cyber activism, the met challenges and also learn how and what they do to bypass them in other regions around the Mediterranean.

It been 6 months since the cycle of the revolutions had started, and this is a chance for everyone (attendees and those following the updates online) to sit down, look back at what happened, extract learnt questions, get the different views of the stories and get ready for the second round of the game.

I’m mostly interested in the social media aspect of the wave of change, the technology used to mobilize the people across North Africa, the Middle East and also on the other borders of the Mediterranean (Italy, Spain and Greece).

What would you be interested at hearing? Drop a comment or join the discussion on both twitter and facebook and let us know :-)
Yalla, got to go.

Your atrlcie perfectly shows

Your atrlcie perfectly shows what I needed to know, thanks!