23rd - 26th June 2011

[13]25: In the beginning there was the Word

[13]25: In the beginning there was the world

This is a project inspired by the resolution 1325 of the UN
Security Council, which represents an explicit recognition of the vital contribution that women around the world make for peace and denounces the fact that women and girls are first victims in any armed conflict.
Palestine and Israel
The project has gathered together portraits of 13 women working actively to attain peace in the Middle East. There are Israeli and Palestinian women (from the West Bank and Gaza Strip) who devote their lives and their best efforts to achieving an end to the occupation of Palestine by Israel, and an end to the violence caused by this occupation. Political leaders, trade unionists, grass-roots activists, members of international organizations, individuals, groups and representatives of NGOs criss-cross the border that separating (and uniting) two societies, two realities.
Many of them are convinced that if women had taken part in the peace talks between the two nations over the past decade, the agreements would have been well structured, and reconciliation could have been achieved between the Palestinian and Israeli people. As women, they devote their energy and their resources to creating another model of negotiation and relationship, building bridges of dialog between the two nations.
We have asked each woman to choose one word to sum up the vision, mission or emotion linked to their personal and / or professional relationship with the conflict in their respective countries. All of them appear with bare feet, as a metaphor for their honest and straightforward position, within the reality they have to live in, without ambiguities or shortcuts (and with the risk of rejection and misunderstanding within their societies that this implies). They themselves have chosen most of the places they are portrayed in: the interrelationship between the environment, career and the inner universe of these women go hand in hand in these images to approach the human essence of each one more intimately.
Israel and West Bank:

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