23rd - 26th June 2011

comiXculture: The Different Approach to Differences

comiXculture is a project hunting for a different approach to differences. It employs the comix genre’s distinctive combination of drawings and words to X-ray social inertia and clichés.

To do that, comiXculture gathers renowned comiX artists from all around Eastern Europe (Aleksandar Zograf, Toma Pan, Vladimir Palibrk, Irena Jukić-Pranjić, Helena Klakočar, Jakob Klemenčič, Matei Branea, Ivan Bogdanov, Maša and Magdalena Bořcovcovy) and from the Arab-speaking world (Omar Khouri, Lena Merhej, Ghadi Ghosn, David Habchy).

They met twice for joint workshops and personally experienced unusual cultural contexts: the East European artists went to Beirut and the Arab illustrators visited Sofia. Now they are drawing comiX, discussing issues of diversity, exploring senses of belonging or never fitting in, crossing cultural borders, facing prejudices and discrimination. All of those works are offered for free publications in mass-circulating, high-quality magazines in both regions.

comiXculture is an initiative of Next Page Foundation – an international NGO which aims at helping the empowerment of underprivileged groups, languages and countries for an equal participation in the global dialogue of ideas. To do that, the Foundation develops projects and programs in the field of books, reading and translation.

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Pavlina Doublekova
Next Page Foundation