23rd - 26th June 2011

Rêv&volution: arts to promote differences as a richness

Rêv&volution is a multi artistic festival for a better Tunisian post-revolution future organized by Associamed in April 2nd and 3rd
The 1st day in the Medina of Tunis :
-photography exposition about revolution (young photographs)
- Tunisia and Human Rights after the revolution : a painting open workshop : a big canvas and all colors were available for all visitors to make them express their vision about human rights future in Tunisia
- Tunisia without AIDS stand: a futuristic stand of awareness: Tunisia in 2050: no AIDS because of prevention.
- Tunisia without regionalism open gastronomy stands: a gastronomic discovery of all Tunisian regions specialties, to dream of a united Tunisia.
- Free-style artistic scene: the opportunity for all young people to present an artistic performance (music, comedy, short film, poetry…) about future, dreams, revolution.. They just had to register.
-a conference and a debate about “Differences make us united” with a Tunisian human rights defender and a psychoanalyst.
The 2nd day in a big theater in Tunis :
A musical concert with young Tunisian artists. All incomes were reversed to ‘Libraries in schools” project : offering libraries to disadvantaged schools to defend the right of education for all.
The revolution was a very special period in our national history. The atmosphere was a little bit nervous when thinking about the future. So we tried to organise an optimistic event because after the revolution, we dream about evolution!

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