23rd - 26th June 2011

Recommendations for EU security policy based on peace building experience from countries formed by the disintegration of Yugoslavia

This publication places grass root experiences in peace building at the centre and uses those experiences to articulate recommendations for security policies. When we talk about grass root experiences, we talk about all the activities on the territory of the former Yugoslavia coming from an individual or an organized group of individuals in a war or post-war community that requires strengthening and reconstruction of its broken social relations. By that, we imply those activities that are not the result of a political decision or part of a broader peace building strategy composed by states from this region, nor do they belong to the attempts of international community to stop conflicts. The sources of these activities are individuals who are rarely experienced professionals; people caught in a bloody and extremely destructive conflict who felt a strong need to act and had courage and ideas enough to do it. These people and their experiences represent unrecognized and neglected capacity for local, regional and European security policies. Webelieve that those experiences hide a great potential to become part of global security policies, which is, in a way, a reason for putting together this publication. Experiences of people in devastated places throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Croatia could bethe foundation upon which we would build any policy referring to the development of security, economic sustainability or any other aspect of human security.

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