23rd - 26th June 2011

Regional Network Against Homophobia

Homophobia is institutionalising in civil society and public area by blending racism and nationalism in the countries of this region including Turkey. Institutionalised homophobia integrates into historical animosities between the countries of our region and increases existing alienation between peoples. It is the LGBT organisations and the regional network between these organisations that will have to resist homophobic and sexist reflections of racist and nationalist policies in our region.

Some regional countries do not only ignore the LGBT reality, but makes denial of this reality a state policy and turn a blind eye to social exclusion, killing and cultural punishment of LGBT people. Non-governmental organisations and unions which resist racism, nationalism and sexism show reluctance to include the battle against homophobia in their activities.

We want to form Middle East, Caucasus, Balkan Countries LGBT Network for the struggle against homophobia. We aim for a social, cultural and political life in the region where LGBT can express themselves and live without hiding themselves. We want to raise consciousness that the homophobia is not only the problem of LGBT individuals and organisations but a problem for the non-governmental organisations and unions which stand against racism, nationalism and sexism in the region.

LGBT will not stand by the policies of regional states but support the policies which take sides with social, cultural and religious sectors which are the target of racist and discriminatory practices because of their ethnic and religious roots. Homophobia is a global problem and on the basis of this fact, we want to learn about the experiences of the LGBT individuals and organisations in the Middle East, Caucasus and Balkan region against homophobia and share our own experience.

Contact Details
Nevin Öztop
Kaos GL
+90 534 791 4186