23rd - 26th June 2011

A tool for individual and community empowerment

The GTO LX is the Theatre of the Oppressed Group of Lisbon, an NGO engaged in
stimulating active and conscious participation of the citizens in the construction of
society. We implement community intervention projects in critical neighbourhoods
where we work directly with the population in order to provoke an awareness
process about their realities and encourage individual empowerment.
Our methodology incentives the beneficiaries to create Forum Theatre plays based
on their issues and personal realities. These plays are then presented to the whole
community, creating a common ground where shared problems are discussed and
solutions explored, promoting social empowerment.
In Forum Theatre, the audience is invited to enter the stage in order to replace the
protagonist and improvise alternative ways to deal with the dramatized
situation/presented problem.
The community is thus actively and directly involved in the analysis, debate and
resolution of the problem, developing a group conscience and a proactive concept
of citizenship. Throughout the process of social empowerment, the participants learn
to master the techniques of the Forum Theatre as they create plays based on their
reality and actively engage the community through the public presentations.
In an advanced stage of the process the participants become the multiplying agents
of the methodology, training other groups that want to promote social
transformation within their own communities.

Contact Details
Gisella Mendoza
GTO LX – Grupo de Teatro do Oprimido ‐ Lisboa
+351 213476319