23rd - 26th June 2011

Training course on development of EuroMed youth projects “Active participation – do it with EuroMed!”

• The main idea of the training course is to gather people from both shores of the Mediterranean and create a space to exchange experience and understanding on concepts of democracy, active participation and citizenship – how it could be promoted through non-formal education activities and to build EuroMed youth projects together on the topics of citizenship and active participation.
• Time and location: Latvia, 29 November – 4 December 2011
• Participants: 25 participants from European countries and Southern Mediterranean countries – representatives of youth organizations active in the field of participation, citizenship, democracy and working with youth
• Contents: Active participation, non-formal education, “Youth in Action” and “EuroMed Youth IV” programmes, partnership building and project development
• Organized and financed by “Agency of International Programs for Youth” – National Agency of “Youth in Action” Programme in Latvia and the Head of the Latvian Network of Anna Lindh Foundation
• All people who are interested to join the project could apply through www.salto-youth.net (from August 2011)
If you are unable to participate in this training, but are interested to develop cooperation between youth and youth workers of EuroMed region though non-formal education, we kindly encourage you to use the opportunity and develop projects within “Youth in Action” programme (http://ec.europa.eu/youth) or “EuroMed Youth IV” programme (www.euromedyouth.net).

Contact Details
Ieva Grundsteine
Latvian Network of Anna Lindh Foundation / “Agency of International Programs for Youth”
+371 28382529